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  • Patients

    Patient Services

    Our patient services are set up to make your Specialty Pharmacy experience as smooth, easy, and enjoyable as possible with free delivery, copayment assistance, access to valuable educational information and more.

    • Free Delivery

      Solera offers free delivery to patients as an alternative to picking up their medication at the pharmacy. This is a convenient option for patients who have busy schedules or are otherwise unable to leave their home.

    • Disease State Management Programs

      Programs are tailored to each disease state. Our experience helps us keep the patient informed on what to expect on their treatment regimen. Counseling is provided along the way to help the patient address the ups and downs of their condition.

    • Copayment Assistance

      When it comes to copay, we understand how important it is for patients to have an ally. The experienced Solera Specialty Pharmacy team utilizes manufacturer and patient assistance programs to help deal with the copayments that patients are faced with.

    • Insurance Specialists

      Our Specialists help patients better understand their choices. They are able to educate the patient on the benefits made available to them from their health plan as well as coordinate necessary resources to properly manage their condition.

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